Peaceful Child Blend

napping child

The Peaceful Child Blend is an awesome blend of doTERRA essential oils that can help calm your child.  Here is the recipe that I am familiar with, using doTERRA essential oils:

85 drops vetiver (about 1/3 of a 15ml bottle)

30 drops ylang ylang

20 drops frankincense

15 drops clary sage

10 drops marjoram

35 drops fractionated coconut oil


Mix in a 1/3 oz. roller bottle and apply to bottom of feet (concentrate on the big toe since it is the reflex point for the brain) and/or back of the neck.  PLEASE NOTE:  It has also been suggested to use lavender essential oil in the recipe according to the original blend created by Deborah Gardner.  However, that exact recipe has not been disclosed.  It has been suggested to add 30 drops of lavender to the above recipe.