Help for Sinus Infections

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, antibiotics have shown to be ineffective against sinus infections.  So why are doctors still prescribing them and more importantly, why are people still asking for them?   So, aside from dealing with the misery and waiting it out, YOU HAVE OPTIONS!  dōTERRA® essential oils can help you be proactive in fighting sinus infections.

First and foremost, proper nutrition is key to being healthy.  Along with eating healthy, dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements help you get all the vitamins and supplements you need for daily general health.  Now, there are days when we get run down and our bodies just are not able to fight those nasty germs off as well.  This is where On Guard essential oil comes into play.  dōTERRA® has a variety of On Guard products that will help you stay on the road to good health.  Check out my “Be On Guard this Cold and Flu Season” post from last fall.

If you do feel a sinus infection starting to set in, get out the nasal rinse bottle and add ONE drop of this dōTERRA® essential oil mixture to your nasal rinse solution:

  • 12 drops rosemary
  • 4 eucalyptus
  • 4 drops melaleuca

These oils are anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  They will penetrate through your nasal membrane into your sinus and help fight the infection along with opening up the nasal passages.  Do this rinse two to three times a day until you are symptom free for at least two days.

At bedtime, it would also be helpful to put a drop or two of dōTERRA’s Breathe blend in your diffuser. This will also help keep those nasal passages open while you sleep as well as fight the infection.

For more information on dōTERRA® essential oils, feel free to contact me.

For the CNN article that discusses the ineffectiveness of antibiotics on sinus infections, go to


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